La Voix de Finda et Alpha

"La Voix de Finda et Alpha" is the Guinean version of "Kids Waves" which was launched on 25 March 2006.

Launched on 25 March 2006, "La Voix de Finda et Alpha" is perhaps one of the most popular programmes for young people in Plan’s operational zones : Nzérékoré, Kissidougou, Macenta and Guéckédou. Six partner radio stations (RTG, National Radio, four rural radio stations in zones where Plan operates and one radio station for young people in Fangamadou) broadcast programmes produced by Radio Rurale in Nzérékoré, the main radio producer in Kpélé, Kissi, Toma, Maninka and French.

Contact : Hawa Camille Camara, Responsible for Communicatin, Public relations and Project coordination in Guinea
Email : hawa.camara@plan-international.org


Testimonies ...

"The impact of children taking part in projects such as LVFA is very striking on marginalized and disadvantaged children" – A local CRD representative from Yèndè, Kissidougou

"I am proud of hearing my voice on radio, when LVFA goes out on our local community radio. My friends in the neighbourhood are really jealous" - Jean Philippe, 14 years old, Listening Club, Kissidougou

"LVFA, gives our children the courage to look for support from adults and for solutions to our problems. We are learning lots of things and differently" - Marceline T., 15 years old, Listening Club, Kissidougou

"It’s really surprising, sometimes young girls take the mike and make incredible statements which make their parents realise things that they’ve never thought of before e.g. how important it is to send girls to school." - A local representative, Sangardo Rural Development Community in Kissidougou

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