Most Common Types of Flags

  1. National flags

A national flag is a flag that represents and symbolizes a country. A national flag is distinctive in design and usually consists of one principal color, and may be accompanied by other colors or symbols, such as the emblem of an order or association. National flags are generally intended to represent different things depending on the context; for example countries, states, provinces, towns or cities.

  1. Civil ensigns

Civil ensign (short: civil ens) is also called merchant ensign (as opposed to naval ensign), it is flown from yacht club houses in place of national flag when sailing abroad. It can have two forms: red-white-blue rectangular bicolor with the national flag in canton or tricolor with white-blue-yellow stripes.

National flag can be put into striped variant by painting a line between the two colors and rectangles are not necessary. It is usually used on small ships, boats, yachts (pirate ensign) and private airplanes.

  1. Maritime flags

Maritime flag of Indonesia is one of many maritime flags designed in accordance with Article 8 of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1969 to indicate nationality and ownership status of a vessel. Such flags are flown at the masthead for international voyages that fall under the auspices of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. For non-international voyages, a national flag may be flown instead.

  1. Civil air ensigns

Civil air ensign is a flag that can be used on civilian aircraft in order to signify nationality. Civil air ensigns are often different from the national flags of the countries in which they are used. They have variations based on the rules and customs of each country. It can also have other uses such as for certain civic announcements and civil aviation club house flag etc.

  1. Funeral and mourning flags

Flags at half mast fly half way up a pole or mast, usually behind an event’s speaker system at sports events (e.g., NFL football) or political gatherings (such as an inauguration ceremony). (

  1. Yacht ensigns

Yacht ensign is a modification of national flag, used on yachts that are not qualified for civil ensign (e.g. because they are too small or do not fly under government control) but still want to show their nationality with a distinctive flag. It is usually the same as national flag, except in cases where the yacht club’s rules have specific guidelines for how it should be modified and what elements should be added/removed. (

  1. VIP flags

VIP-flags are special flags which can be granted by official state institutions to notable people who wish to use them at events such as weddings etc., instead of using their national flag. They usually differ from national flags by their color scheme and/or the emblem being added on. Such flags are also used in various sports events to represent spouses of players. (

  1. Military flags

Military Flags – military flags have a number of purposes, they can be used to signal or communicate with others that you see nearby, identify your group so your side doesn’t attack friendlies, identify who everyone is within the “band” (military) and protect us from each other. Sometimes we will use them for ceremony, funerals, battle re-enactments, etc, and as stated above normally are used to signify nationality and allegiance. In all cases though they should fly the same and be of the same size.The United States Flag Code outlines certain rules for displaying the flag, such as time of day, season for use, placement relative to buildings or cars and other flags.