Types of flag poles

Residential flag poles

Residential poles are sectional and have a height of ten to twenty-five (aaneslandfabrikker). It is cost-friendly and well known. Aluminum is used to make the shaft sections, thus providing high durability and rust-free. It is displayed proudly and can be easily stored. Residential flag pole is not wind rated.

Commercial flagpole

These are manufactured in the United States and are single sectioned (https://aaneslandfabrikker.no/rekkverk/). These can be external rope halyards, internal rope halyards that only differ by winch and hand. It comes in different finishes and colors with several ways to buy the flag poles and wind-rated.

Light commercial flagpole

The flagpoles are prepared in the same standards and shaft material. Places mostly available are satin ,duranodic bronze or natural anodized. These flag poles range betweenm15-30 in height.

External halyard flag poles

It uses flagpole trucks with an opened rope halyard and pulley. A rope goes through pulley hence tied near the bottom of the pole.

Single-piece satin aluminum foot flag pole

Single piece pole is taller than the others and is different from them because it’s mechanism for halyards and clear in the pole (https://aaneslandfabrikker.no/flaggstang/). Has a locking feature so that one can ensure no one messes with it, that’s how different it is with the rest poles.

Single piece white fiberglass foot flagpole

The external flagpole has a cleat and rope at the outside of the pole, its wind rating 150mph, which speeds with a flag thus favorable for windy areas. It is stronger compared to aluminium and has a broader base that makes it suitable for residence and business. This pole is not installed directly like the other ones it is installed in a series of bolts.