Different Types of Flags

A flag is a piece of fabric materials with one side tied to a mast or a pole. The main purpose of a flag is signaling or identification. They can represent a country, an institution, or an organization. Today, flags are used for advertising, messaging, decorative purposes, and military grounds. In any case, various types of flags are broadly used. Let us examine them.

National Flags

Whenever the word flag is mentioned, the first thing that comes to your mind is National Flag, each nation has a specific flag that makes up its symbol. These flags are rectangular in shape and they are hoisted in embassies belonging to some countries. Different organizations and companies also hoist them on their environments.

Religious Emblems

These are symbols meant for various religions across the world. Different Christian churches have their distinctive ensigns. Buddhists, Muslims, and other religious bodies likewise have theirs.

Sports Flags

Most basketball clubs, soccer clubs, and other sports bodies usually have their unique emblems. In football, referees use flags to point out an error that has been made during the game. They can be positioned at the 4 corners of the playing ground to indicate boundaries. In motorcycle and auto racing, flags are utilized to communicate with the drivers.

Swimming Flags

Swimming flags are a pair of yellow or red flags which are utilized to the limits of the swimming area. Cross poles of the flags can be used to indicate the beach is close.

International Ensigns

These are emblems utilized for international purposes. Among them include the flags meant for the Olympic game, Word Health Organization, United Nations, and other international bodies.

Aside from the above, you will find that there are many flags designed to suit particular purposes. They are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. Moreover, they are customized to suit specific institutions, nations, and organizations.